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Hi and Welcome!! First and most important I am a mother to 3 very inspriring (and quite energized) children who remind me each and every day about the beauty that surrounds us all...and they keep me on my toes! When I'm not working at "the day job" I try to fit in some learning and growing time to practice both nature and portrait photography. Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved art of many mediums. My ultimate goal would be to move solely into a day filled by using my creativity - whether that be painting, nature photography or custom portrait photography. Hope you'll follow along!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's winter weather, matting & more...

It's been a bit - so much has been going on in the past week.

First:  The 8x10 matting option has been added into the shop!  YAY!  I love the way it looks, and tested it on 2 different listings to provide examples.  The option can be added on with any 8x10 print purchase!  Click here to see a close up picture of the white double matting.

Second:  I've been featured in some wonderful treasury listings since my last post.  Here are some:
*My "Sunbathing Smart Weed" photograph was featured in "Blushing Tinsel Under $50 Gift Guide" curated by Venbead!  Check out her shop - it's divine!  My favorite is the "Put The Lime In The Coconut" necklace - amazing!

*My "Whispers In Pink" photograph was featured in "Dreaming of a Romantic Christmas" curated by petitehermine!  She has a wonderful shop full of beautifully crafted bracelets, necklaces and some adorable items for your home!  I'm loving the "Moody Clouds Coasters - 4pcs"!

*My "Blue Bouquet" photograph was featured in "Nantucket Style" curated by sstormster!  This treasury reminded me of summer...I so miss the warm weather!  She has amazing Fine Art Photography available - I'm in love with her photograph "Sunburst" - I adore bright & vibrant colors - this photograph has both!

Third:  I've been super busy finishing LOTS of prints.  Yesterday I was able to add 16 more original prints to the shop.  Truth is, I'm trying to get caught up so that I'm not too behind after the holdiays! 

Some of my favorites added yesterday:

"Sunflower Trio"
"Suspended n.2"

"Technicolor Mushroom"

I adore each one for different reasons - the Sunflowers for their vibrant yellows and similar qualities, the grapes for their lack of foliage and fall like colors and the mushroom because I lean towards bright, bold color palettes!  There are many more that can be viewed on Facebook or in my shop.

We are super busy preparing for the fast approaching holidays around here...and of course our long overdue trip back home to St. Louis!  There's nothing quite like being surrounded by family and friends during the holidays - plus I've heard they already have snow - would love to photograph some of the famous St. Louis scenery...with snow :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy Fridays, Photo Of The Week, Front Page!

Whew....it's been a very hectic week!  Both with the day job and preparing for the holiday season around the house.  I've also been trying as hard as possible to list new items in my shop.

First:  I've listed 12 new original photographs!  Some favorites including dew, hydrangeas and sunflowers!
One of my newest additions, "Whispers In Pink",  was also included as part of Jessica Roger's Photo of the Week #14.2.  Please check it out, comment, share, etc!  I'm so very excited!

I love the hydrangea pics - they are so very versatile and soft in pinks, purples and blues...easily can be matted and framed for many different room types and decorating preferences!

Second:  To my utter amazement this morning...one of my Treasury collections was picked for the front page of Etsy.com!!  This is wonderful and I'm so very thankful!  The collection is called Bring The Spa To You!  Please check it out, click, comment & share!

Third:  I'm a bit behind in listing the matting (only a week or so) but promise to have the add-on option available as soon as possible. 

And finally...I'm checking out a new printing company (excited!)  which provides more creative options (gallery blocks, gallery prints in sets of 3, etc)!  I love the options available and cannot wait to order some samples...more to come

I know this was a relatively short post, but it's back to work work work for me :( 
PS:  I'm super ecstatic about a new lens that I've been eyeing - with my discount, plus the holiday bonus discounts...I see a new lens in the future!    Hopefully BEFORE our trip back to St. Louis this winter! {fingers crossed}

Hope everyone has a wonderful & relaxing weekend!