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Hi and Welcome!! First and most important I am a mother to 3 very inspriring (and quite energized) children who remind me each and every day about the beauty that surrounds us all...and they keep me on my toes! When I'm not working at "the day job" I try to fit in some learning and growing time to practice both nature and portrait photography. Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved art of many mediums. My ultimate goal would be to move solely into a day filled by using my creativity - whether that be painting, nature photography or custom portrait photography. Hope you'll follow along!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweet Lambs, Warm Sunshine / Project 52 - Week 4

  Normally, I'm not too fond of drastic temperature changes during winter.  We've seen frost, {lots of} rain, and WARM days all in one week.  But, for a nice change, the warmer days began Friday and led to a very sunny and beautiful Saturday.  I had plans to photograph some newly born lambs.  I spent about an hour with these adorable {and super soft} lambs - and will be sharing the photos on the JLP Facebook page later today.  Here's a quick look:
"At The Farm n.7"
{Captured: ISO 100 / F.4 /  1/640}
  Being outside, after such a rainy week indoors, was much needed.  The warm air and bright sunshine almost made me believe it was Spring.   Not much is in bloom, just yet, but I think it won't be very long at all!  While I walked around, enjoying the warmth and sunshine, I came upon several groups of dandelions.   There's nothing quite like looking {really closely} at a dandelion.  I am always captivated by how much each and every tiny piece will glow and sparkle in the sunshine.  This week's image, definitely captured my mood and the day's spring-like weather:
Project 52 / Week 4:  "Blue Sky Dandelion n.1"  
{Captured:  ISO 100 / F5.6 / 1/1000}

  While the temperature is cool this morning, again, I have hopes of warmer days ahead and lots of brightly colored blooms in the gardens...soon!  I love outdoor natural light photography and can't wait to be outside more and more this year to capture some great images.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rain, Rain & STILL more Rain / Project 52 - Week 3

  Oh, the rain...it's still here this morning.  I'm hearing reports at work of other areas in the West, Central and North East receiving snow and/or ice...and I must admit I'm a little jealous.  Not about the dangerous roads..but missing out of the sparkle of a fresh snow!  Being originally from MO - our winters were always promised at least one snow and several days with sleet.  Here in NC...rain.  I still remember my very first winter here - it rained for a week straight.  There's nothing more frustrating to me than being cooped up indoors with so much overcast from rain clouds.  It proves to be a bit of a challenge for Project 52 as well, since I'd much prefer to step outside at first dawn or a late afternoon sunset to photograph some gorgeous flowers.  I chose to shoot indoors again - but still ended up loving the finished result.
   I was more than excited to see the fresh-cut tulips return to the store this week!  It may be a sign that Spring is nearing...and that means some gorgeous blooms will be here soon as well.  This week, I chose purple and red tulips.  I kept them separated in different vases and checked them daily.  When I first purchased them, the really weren't where I needed them to be for the image I had in my head.  They were tightly closed and hidden in their tall leaves.  A few days later and they were opening up quite magnificently.
 I was on target - I set my space up when the afternoon lighting was spilling through the room's windows.  I chose a vintage mason jar - with a small bit of water to photograph 2 tulips of each color.   I did not like the purple tulips - the petals had opened up a bit too much and the stems were a bit droopy.  For this image,  it just didn't work.  I feel much more comfortable with red/orange/pink tones - so I was in love with this week's final image:

Project 52/2012: Week 3
"Red Tulips n.3"
{Captured: ISO 160 / F3.5 / 1/125}
    This image had every bit of "spring" that I could create myself:  a hint of blue in the glass, the fresh green stems and leaves and the glowing shine on the bright red petals.   This image was taken using natural light from a nearby window which created a small light shadow - I chose not to remove this shadow from the final image because I liked the way it provided depth on the bottom left side.   

    Hoping that over the next week, the weather will clear-up a bit so that I can head outside for some shots of the surrounding area.  As a photographer or artist, do you ever find yourself drawn to one or similar color palettes?  I seem to choose pinks, red, oranges a lot, and am hoping over the course of Project 52 to feel more comfortable photographing other gorgeous colors in nature.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Artistic Moods / Project 52-Week2

  I've had a busy week (as normal), and I almost forgot to capture a photograph for Week 2!  This year, I'm committed to staying on task with Project 52. 
  Every week, I purchase a new bouquet of flowers for my fireplace mantel.  I have this lovely white teapot, that displays these bouquets quite beautifully.  This week, I picked a very bright and bold bouquet - I know my mood had a lot to do with this choice.  It was Thursday night, I was near exhausted, but had just received some great news and felt a bit rejuventated, the flowers definitely reflected this mood!  I rarely photograph an entire bouquet, I love to find one or two blooms that stand out and separate these from the group.  When I looked at the bouquet yesterday evening, the flowers that really stood apart were the Alstroemerias.  I knew at that point that these were in the running for Week 2.  In a separate vase I had a small bouquet of petite soft pink cluster roses.  Being undecided, I just HAD to photograph both. 
  While I was processing the final images, my daughter (our resident artist) was overseeing the edits.  I asked for her artistic opinion, the bright and bold Alstroemerias or the soft and light roses.  She quickly decided that Week 2 should be the Alstroemerias....and I value her opinion greatly.  Below is the final image selected for Week 2:

Project 52/ 2012:  Week 2:  {"Alstroemeria Blooms n.1"}
 Photographed: 1.14.12
{Captured:  ISO 100 / F2.0 / 1/30}
    I took one stem of these spotted blooms and photographed them within a vintage bottle I found last year.  I loved the final image for a number of reasons.   I've noticed that I'm drawn to creating very bright images.  The deep rich red petals and long pointed bright green leaves stand apart against a neutral background.  The leaves are really what 'made' this image for me, I love how each one is going in a different direction, curved in their own way. Very similar to how I felt this week - pulled in a million different directions. 

  Do you ever notice how your art will mimic your moods?

 (I'm also in love with the rose images captured yesterday - these will be added to the Facebook page this morning). 

Have a great week!

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's A New Year {and Project 52 / 2012}

Happy New Year!!
It's been quite a while since my last post, plans for 2011 drastically changed and shifted my entire focus.  But, I'm always ready for new {and exhausting} challenges. 

I'll keep this post as short as possible {Monday mornings are r-o-u-g-h}.  Today, I wanted to share the {re}start of my Project 52 in 2012.  This will be a weekly post containing one image taken during the previous week.  I'll be using this project to further expand my photography, find new inspiration and try new things!  {If you're also participating in a 52 project - please feel free to leave your link - I'd love to follow!}

I am so excited about Week 1's photograph.    There's lots of texture, depth, rich hues and softness - all packed into one image.  I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with this image, I normally like to keep soft flowers from rich textures...but I loved the finished product!!

Project 52 / 2012:  Week 1 {"Shades Of Purple Blooms n.4"}
{Captured: ISO 100 / F2.8 / 1/160}
Stay Tuned:  More to come each week in 2012!