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Hi and Welcome!! First and most important I am a mother to 3 very inspriring (and quite energized) children who remind me each and every day about the beauty that surrounds us all...and they keep me on my toes! When I'm not working at "the day job" I try to fit in some learning and growing time to practice both nature and portrait photography. Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved art of many mediums. My ultimate goal would be to move solely into a day filled by using my creativity - whether that be painting, nature photography or custom portrait photography. Hope you'll follow along!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reflections of a Sunrise + Hydrangea Centerpiece / Project 52 ~ Week 18

Happy Thursday {it's almost Friday!!}.

  I'm so excited to share Week 18 for a couple reasons:
1. It's about the beach...and the beach is one of my most favorite places to be for relaxation, rejuvenation and fun!
2. It means I'm {finally} caught up with past Project 52 weeks!!

  I'll set the scene first.  It was a stressful day at work, at home, and with life in general.  We all have those days, I know this, and most days I can cope quite well.  This day was different, I'm not sure how to describe it, but I was literally stressed beyond my normal coping point.  I called my younger sis for our normal daily talk - but I had a {BIG} question to ask.  We exchanged the normal "how was your day" question...then I dropped the request.  I {politely} asked if she would take a day or two off work to come down to NC for a beach weekend with me and the little ones.  And, being the most awesome sister as usual, she agreed to put in for some last minute vacation days.  My kids and I have been on such a routine lately with work, school and activity schedules that "fun" was not something we'd had in awhile.   
  A few days later we arrived at Myrtle Beach, SC and checked-in to our favorite hotel for a long overdue mini-vacation.  I woke up early on Saturday morning {I rarely sleep past 5am, even though I'd love to sometimes} and strolled to the beach with my youngest to watch the sunrise.  It was magical and refreshing.  I get to watch the sunrise almost everyday, it's awe inspiring to witness those beautiful colors and to know that a brand new day has been granted.  I photographed a few different times during the sunrise and loved every image...having to choose only one for Week 18 was a bit difficult!

"Beach Sunrise n.7" / Project 52 - Week 18
{Captured:  50mm, ISO 100, 1/320, F5.6}
  The other images from this morning are uploaded on Facebook in the album titled "Coming Soon", if you get a chance, please stop by to visit and view!

  I also wanted to share within this post some fun and fresh garden details!  Recently I purchased a vintage collection of aqua Ball mason jars with a metal carrier from a wonderful Etsy shop called SpringHillFarm.  I must admit, when I opened this packaging this week, I was even more surprised at how neat this collection looked together.  Last evening my daughters and I spent a few minutes in the garden clipping just the 'right' bunches of pink hydrangeas to fill each of the 7 jars.  Below are a few Instagram photos of how the vintage collection + fresh blooms = a simply beautiful centerpiece!
{love the look of aqua+pink}

{love the contrast of new + old}

{hydrangea love!}

...hope everyone has a wonderful day...

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